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Aquaculture - Perch


Namur (Belgium) 23 - 24 January 2008



8:00 Registration and poster installation

9:00 Welcome address by the organizers

9:15 Address by FEAP (C. Hough)

9:30 Support to aquaculture research in FP6 and new opportunities in FP7 (S. Varsamos, European Commission)

9:45 Session 1 : The European market and its prospects (Chair person: D. Toner, IRL)

• 9:45 The European market for perch Perca fluviatilis (L. Watson, IRL)
• 10:15 Poster Session and Coffee break
• 10:45 The European market of the pikeperch for consumption (H. Dil, NL; F. Teletchea, F)
• 11:05 The restocking market for percids (L. Tamazouzt, F)
• 11:25 Discussion (D. Toner, IRL)

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Session 2 : The hatchery-nursery activity: juvenile production and gamete quality (Chair person: C. Melard, B)

• 13:30 Recent improvement in the control of the percid reproductive cycle (P. Fontaine F; H. Jansen, NL)
• 14:00 Sperm quality and cryopreservation in Perca fluviatilis (O. Linhart, CZ)
• 14:30 Feeding and nutrition of European percid broodstock and early life stages (P. Kestemont et al., B)
• 15:00 Genetic improvement of growth in perch production: domestication, sex control, hybridization and strain selection (C. Rougeot, B)

• 15:30 Poster Session and Coffee break

16:00 Session 3 : The producer experience (Chair person: H. Paulsen, DK)

• 16:00 Bornholms Hatchery: Control of out-of-season spawning of perch (J. Overton, DK)
• 16:20 Perch juvenile production in Ireland – Grasping the potential (D. Toner, IRL)
• 16:40 Viskweekcentrum Valkenswaard: extensive vs intensive production of pikeperch juveniles (J. Van Mechelen, NL)

• 17:00 Discussion (H. Paulsen, DK)

• 19:30 Banquet (Grenier, Arsenal, University of Namur)


8:30 Session 4 : The ongrowing phase (Chair person: R. Mandiki, B)

• 8:30 Recent progress in feed and nutrition in percids (P. Kestemont, B)
• 9:00 Growth and husbandry effects in percids (C. Mélard, B)
• 9:30 Rearing system and flesh quality in Eurasian perch (M. Thomas, F)
• 10:00 Percid culture and pathology control (E. Ariel, DK)

• 10:30 Poster Session (Coffee break)

11:00 Session 5 : The producer experience (Chair person: J. Van Mechelen, NL)

• 11:00 Lucas Perches : production of Eurasian perch in recirculating system (D. Vandeworde, F)
• 11:20 Excellence Fish : production of pikeperch in recirculating system (E. Philipsen, NL)

• 11:40 Discussion (J. Van Mechelen, NL)

12:15 Lunch

13:50 Session 6 : Techniques and economics of percid culture (Chair Person: L. Watson, IRL)

• 13:50 Presentation of the German experience (H. Wedekind, D)
• 14:10 Presentation of the Swedish experience (O. Oberg, S)
• 14:30 Economical feasibility of pikeperch rearing and presentation of an economical model for percid culture (E. Schram, NL)

• 14:50 Coffee break

• 15:20 Percid culture in Canada (L. Therrien, CAN)
• 15:50 Percid culture in North Central region of USA (J. Malison, USA)

16:20 Discussion: future and prospects of percid culture in Europe (P. Kestemont, B; P. Fontaine, F)


8:00 – 16:30 Visit of the CEFRA facilities (Research Laboratory in Aquaculture, ULG, Tihange) in Belgium, followed by a visit of pikeperch farm (Excellence Fish, Horst) in The Netherlands.